About Us

Cruisers Yachts was founded in 1953 in Oconto, Wisconsin, on the shores of Green Bay. Since then, we’ve built a legend, with an eye toward utilizing a deep and knowledgeable workforce to produce boats that keep customers safe and happy as they chase adventures worldwide. By now, Cruisers is proud to have 4th generation boatbuilders in its factory, something that very few other companies can claim.

Whether boaters prefer the comfort and livability of the Cantius line, or the heart-thumping excitement of a ride in one of our GLS models, Cruisers Yachts is dedicated to bringing American-made boatbuilding quality to a level that’s never been seen before. That’s why our customers choose Cruisers Yachts time and time again, as they make their own lifelong commitment to the joy of being on the water.

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