Our Story


1904 Thompson Boat Cover

In 1904, Thompson Bros. Boat Manufacturing Co. made its first home in the small, northern town of Peshtigo, Wisconsin starting the legacy of a family boat-building business.


Always thinking big in terms of the craft and durability they brought to the boat industry, the second generation of Thompson's started building wood lapstrake outboard cabin cruisers in Oconto, Wisconsin in the early 1950s.


1956 first Cruisers catalog

The first known Cruisers, Inc. catalog debuted in 1956. Prior to that, the company was building 14' and 16' boats under the Thompson Bros. label

1956 Cruisers Logo


1965 Fiberglass Boats

In 1965 wood boats were replaced with fiberglass as the new technology was wreaking havoc with the wood boat business.


1971 Mirro Aluminum Company acquires Cruisers, Inc.

In 1971 Cruisers, Inc. was sold to Mirro Aluminum Company of Manitowoc, Wisconsin. It wasn't until 1979, when Roy Thompson retired, that someone other than a Thompson ran the company.

1971 New Cruisers Logo


1980 Mirro Marine aquired by T.J. Bogard

In 1980 the fiberglass product line of Mirro Marine Division (Cruisers) was sold to T.J. Bogard (the former President of Mirro Marine Division) and T.A. Lisle (formerly of Eaton Corporation).

1983 Cruisers Logo


1990 KC International purchased Cruisers

In the early 1990s K.C. Stock, who was born and raised in the Oconto area, saw the potential for opportunity. In 1993, Stock's KC International Inc. purchased the company and changed the name to Cruisers Yachts.


2011 new Cantius introduced

The Cantius series was born with the launch of the 48 Cantius.

2013 Cruisers Logo


2016 60 Cantius Introduced

In 2015, Cruisers Yachts unveiled its largest yacht by introducing the 60 Cantius. That following year, they introduced the 60 Fly.

2015 Cruisers Yachts Logo